} Guests - Ranga


prafulRanga’s first Album, The Tabla Trail, was recorded in 1995. On this album you can hear The enchanting saxofoon of Praful.



foto-len-id-2Lenneke van Staalen can be heard on Radiant Awakening, Inner Circle and Divine Names.

Lenneke van Staalen grew up in a family of western classical musicians and had her first encounter with Indian music in 1992 in New Delhi, where she studied with the late violinist Shri Joy Shrivastava. It was during this period that she discovered a first deep affinity with this music and its emotional dept and expression. After returning to the Netherlands she continued her education at the Indian music department of theRotterdam conservatory under vocalist Koustuv Ray. In 2003 she received her master diploma cum laude and was rewarded with the ‘Price for excellent performance’. She continued her studies in Mumbai with master violinist Pandit D.K.Datar.




Marianne Svazek can be heard on Sacred Garden.