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Ranga creates space.

12The peaceful tracks on Ranga’s ‘Inner Circle’ are very conducive to meditation and yoga, while the more up-tempo tracks make you want to Trance dance. The opening track in particular makes it hard to sit quietly in your seat. When I listened to ‘Inner Circle’, I felt my inner world expand and open. Inner Circle creates space in the soul.

Anne-Christiene Staals

Buddhist magazine Vorm & Leegte

Good music for the mind

website_logo_381931-logo_happinezIt’s hard to find really good meditation or yoga music. So it was a huge surprise to find a truly good ‘devotional’ album, which is beautifully composed, on the doormat. On top of that, it’s home-grown: a real Dutch product. ‘Inner Circle’ is an original fusion of classic Indian and Western improvised music, created by Coen Helfenrath, Ted de Jong and Lenneke van Stalen. The two men, who together form the duo Ranga, play an impressive number of instruments, including tablas, the sitar, large drum, piano, keyboards and accordions. On top of that there is singing and violin playing. Of course, the effect is what really counts. Good music to meditate by, should calm your emotions and keep the mind occupied in an interesting manner, for example in musical circles or along curves and streams.
And all that is achieved here quite cleverly and pleasantly.

Nan Luursema


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